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Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Other Side of Paradise

I'm sure there's not one single solitary doubt from anyone who knows me about how much I adore Paris.

I feel very much at home in Paris.

I feel comfortable roaming at will, not having a plan or a place to be.  

If I'm lost, I'm okay with it all.  

It's just another opportunity to look up and discover another piece of wonderful.

But there's another side to Paris, and it's one that breaks my heart.

We see it here in the States - and have done since Reagan, and it breaks my heart, but I am never fully prepared when I see it in Paris.

A few feet away there was a Fashion Week photo shoot going on.


It's so full of heartbreak.

Even in paradise.

Last day in Amsterdam - time to head home . . .

We loved our hotel in Amsterdam - Hotel Fita. 

Breakfast was one of our favorite things.

What a cool clock!

Our hotel is located in the Museum District, which is also the Fashion District.

What's a trip to Amsterdam without a canal ride?

and before we knew it,
it was time to go home.

Fun to walk through Schiphol Airport  and see some of the ING logo signs enticing us to do a little more traveling