Friday, January 5, 2024

Oops - Shopping Moratorium FAIL

I made it exactly 3 1/2 days before succumbing to a 40% off sale plus a 20% off coupon at Frank & Eileen's.


Rather than giving up after falling off the moratorium wagon, I'm gonna reset and restart.








Data from Oxford Languages
moratorium (noun) · moratoria (plural noun) · moratoriums (plural noun)
  1. a temporary prohibition of an activity

*  *  *

 I don't think I chose a word last year, but it probably would have been a word expressing positive action on my part.

I'm thinking this year's word is one of positive action via inaction on my part.  

Particularly in the area of spending.  

And more particularly in the area of spending when it comes to clothes.

No New Clothes in 2024

I mean it.

And i will hold myself accountable by admitting publicly if I break my 2024 word.  Oh, the shame of it . . .

Cross your fingers for me!!!!

Believe me when I say there will be no suffering caused, to anyone, by this proposed promised (Lord, help me) action of non-action.  There may be a few favorite on-line shopping sites that will miss me, but it's doubtful they will suffer.

(Caveat:  UNLESS I find a replacement for my lost hat ! ! !
I miss my hat 😶 )

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