Thursday, December 21, 2023

Viking Cruise Trip Notes and Pix - Christmas on the Seine

We are home from our Christmas Cruise on the Seine.

Everything we've ever heard about Viking Cruises was proven to be completely on target.

We loved it.

My long time dream of spending some of our Christmas holidays in France can now be crossed off our list.  It was worth the wait.

Our first day in France started out a little rocky.

We took our time getting off the plane, letting folks go ahead of us only to be confronted with a lot of steps to get down at CDG, only to be confronted by a young lady telling us to hurry, hurry, there was a bus full of people waiting for us.  Who knew?!  

Sure enough, the bus we didn't know was waiting to take us to the terminal was jammed packed full.

Found our Viking guide, who escorted us to the shuttle that got us to our ship.

Explored a little and decided to take a nap.

Were awakened by a man in our room telling us to wake up, wake up!

We needed to get to the lounge with our life vests to hear the Captain's safety talk.  

People were waiting on us!

Sure 'nuff, we walked into the lounge where 200 people wearing life vests were all watching as we entered - 😫

Dinner was the beginning of a very fun friendship.

We met sisters Virginia and Arleen, talked a lot, laughed even more. 

Day 2 - 

We took a walk into Paris.

During a stop in a pharmacy, a nice Frenchman asked me if I was with ZZ Top.  😊

Enjoyed spotting our first Paris carousel.

Dinner with Arleen and Virginia.


Aside from the fact we seemed to have unintentionally kept people waiting, life is good.

More to come - stay tuned . . .

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