Sunday, October 15, 2023

Sunday in Meat Camp

 It's turned a bit cooler and breezier in these mountains.

It's been a week of terrible sadness for Israel and the entire world.

Another week of clown shows of politics from a bunch of Republican congressional members who care more about their own selfish self-interests than the good of this country.

And in a show of true selfish self-interest from me -

I Have a Terrible Cold

I have a terrible cold,
And everyone knows how terrible colds
Alter the whole system of the universe,
Set us against life,
And make even metaphysics sneeze.
I have wasted the whole day blowing my nose.
My head is aching vaguely.
Sad condition for a minor poet!
Today I am really and truly a minor poet.
What I was in old days was a wish; it's gone.

Goodbye for ever, queen of fairies!
Your wings were made of sun, and I am walking here.
I shan't get well unless I go and lie down on my bed.
I never was well except lying down on the Universe.

Excusez un peu… What a terrible cold!… it's
I need truth and aspirin.

written under the pen name of, Alvaro de Campo
© by owner. provided at no charge for educational purposes

On the more positive side of things, I leave in just over a week for South Carolina.

Am I excited?  You betcha (considering the fact that I should be over this nasty head cold by then).

Before leaving, I have a busy week.

I have an appointment to have my hair cut and streaked.  

An appointment for a manicure/pedicure.

And an appointment with my closet and suitcase to decide what to take with me.  Since I'll be driving, the sky's the limit!  I can take as much as I want to.  Dresses and Shoes, oh my!

I also have an appointment with my kitchen.  

Donald and Annabelle will not be traveling with me, so I'll be cooking up a pot of spaghetti sauce for Don to enjoy while I'm gone, as well as making sure there's other things here he'll fix for himself.  And a few special treats.

In other good news, I loved waking up to see pictures of Travis and Taylor out on a Saturday night date last night. ❤

They are adorable.  

Now, me and my cold are going to curl up with a fresh cup of coffee and a good book.  

The book?

An ARC from NetGalley.

The next book by my pal Hank Phillippi Ryan, One Wrong Word.

Life is good.

Even with a cold.


Lesa said...

I hope that nasty cold leaves quickly! You have too much joy ahead of you to be taken down by a cold. Sending healing hugs!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Thank you, Lesa. I have turned the "cold corner." Hooray!