Thursday, May 12, 2022

Bluejeans, baby

I feel as though I have spent my entire long life looking for that perfect pair of jeans. To wear with a kickass pair of boots.

I can remember being 19 years old, living in Atlanta (and LOVING the Atlanta of 1967) and searching for jeans.

Jeans that fit "just right."

Sometimes that meant dragging several pairs of jeans into the dressing room.

Size was a guess and an estimate, at best.

They needed to be tried on because size being "just right" in one style didn't mean diddly when it came to a different style.

Once found, they were treasured and cherished.

They just got better and better.

Softer and softer.

As i got older, it got more difficult to find the jeans i could grow to love as they aged along with me.

I started "borrowing" Donald's jeans and eventually making them my own.

In recent years jeans evolved from delicious 100% cotton denim into a fabric with spandex or some other oddly named made-up fabric that would fit "just right" for while, but then would sag a little with wearing.

Sag in the knees. Sag in the seat. Expand in the waist. These were not my jeans.


I settled.

Shame on me!

I finally learned never to settle when it came to men and girlfriends, WHY settle for less than perfect jeans???

No more.


Never ever ever.

There are some manufacturers making jeans the way jeans should be made.

100% cotton denim.

And after a washing or two (or more) they look and feel like a dear old friend.

 As loved as that favorite old teddy bear.

And I am, POOF, that 19 year old wild child loving life in the Atlanta of 1967 dressed in my favorite bluejeans, and a kickass pair of boots.

Thanks Hudson Jeans. I love you to the moon and back!

Dressing like it's 1967.

(Consider the fact that my personal bluejean style really hasn't changed much, if any, since then). 😁

This is me in either 2016 or '17 in a similar pair of jeans i found at Anthropologie.

I am a happy girl.

Life is good.

With the right pair of jeans and . . .

A pair of kick ass boots.


Lesa said...

And, you look fabulous in those bluejeans that are just right for you!

Unknown said...

Ah yes. Pants and sizing. What a mystery.
LOVE your boots.