Monday, January 31, 2022

Change by Clinton Siegle


Happiness sadness tiredness emotions of the day
always hoping for a better day
promising to be a new opportunity each day
you can smile today

sad to see change
always crying of dying change
daily the world changes
sad constantly changing

tired of sadness hoping for happiness
I long for a joyful day without change
reality is but a moment in time of happiness
eternity shown that life always change

daily is the change
need happiness to change.

Family relative relationships cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews,
among other relatives all happily part of a family memory
memories of a family
involved living life as a family
living within laughter of the family
you only get this life to live with your family.

Just Pearls
uniquely strung pearls
sensually feeling affairs of love of pearls'
time will remember a gift of pearls'
pearls open rounded pearls'
eternity affection of pearls
almost a love affair with pearls'
reality is a pearl
living loving laughter within a rounded pearl
sensual affairs of a pearl.

Final farewell Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria wars not approved by Congress
a bye-bye to the poor due to spending money on wars instead of the poor by Congress
reality au revoir Congress had no funds or money to help the poor per Congress
eternity doei will remember the wars brought to you by this White House and Congress
war is evil shown towards mankind on how to live and how to die shame on Congress
eternity adios will remember these wars brought to you by the funding of Congress
live life within laughter of thoughts of deliverance and liberty foreign to Congress
love life within living of self-governing thoughts not wanted by Congress.

Fives reasons to love

fantastic kisses and hugs
individual conversation
very wonderful embraces
eternity of dreaming
serious reasons to love.

Reason to love
emotional fives
amor hug, kisses, embraces, listening, dreaming.
Serious five reasons to love
open eyes listening heart dreaming mind pretty words embracing one love
need five reasons for love
seek only what a child loves

to love
open love

lover kisses, hugs, embraces, listening, imagining
open your heart
vivid fantasy of the heart
eternity is a dream of the heart.

Clinton Siegle

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