Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Happy Birthday, Mom ๐Ÿ˜˜

 Thinking about my sweet, funny, irreverent, and oh so wise mom today.

If she were still here, we'd be planning a small birthday dinner celebration.

She would have some silly hat on her head while she opened her gifts, and some pithy words to share about getting older.  Her favorites included something about how getting old and creaky sucked.  But, she would always laugh when she said it.  The woman enjoyed life and she loved to laugh.  Her laugh was deep and full and earthy and wicked. She taught me things that would serve me well as I grew from being a skinny  little girl to become a rounder woman of a certain age; some of which I should have paid more attention to sooner.  Learning to speak up for myself sooner and learning the real strength behind the word no would have saved me some heartbreak.  Learning to value myself sooner would have given me more healthy happiness and confidence at an age when I needed it most. 

She would be 95 years old today, and still teaching me important life lessons. I may have even learned enough by now to pay attention.

Love you and miss you, Mom.  Give Daddy a hug from me.

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