Monday, May 10, 2021

Seeking Sanctuary/Making Art

Sometimes life is just plain ol' sucky.

There seems to be a domino effect to the suckiness.

There's a whole long list of sucky stuff that's happened over the past couple of months, but it's just not worth whining about.  That's not to say I haven't done a LOT of loud whining aka as bitching and moaning about these things, but you know - it hasn't helped, so I'll keep those things out of Meanderings and Muses.

Except that it shouldn't have taken 2 months for Donald to get new glasses with his new prescription.

Except that he shouldn't have had to wait so long for his dentist to get back with him about a damaged tooth that he had to take a second round of antibiotics.  And except for how crazy expensive dental care is.  Especially for the two of us looking at implants - Yeeow.

Except that the folks at a locally owned business we've done business with (a LOT of business)  since we moved here in 1996 lied to him over the phone and caused some unnecessary work on Donald's part.  And then acted like jackasses about the fact that they lied.

Except for this refrigerator that's only about 7 years old that needs to be replaced.  This after Don has replaced several parts on his own over the past couple of days.  Thank goodness we ate those big ol' ribeyes that were in the freezer . . . 

Except for those stressful, unnecessary, and expensive things happening bang bang bang that I won't mention. <wink wink>

Thank goodness for the things we have in our lives that become a bit of a sanctuary for us.

Like a good book by a favorite author. 

A furry pal.

And a room I can call my own where I can go to play with my art supplies.

It ain't fancy, although it does have a chandelier . . . 

And it has a caretaker for when I'm not there.  Miss Matilda.

Miss Matilda is happy to have some company from time to time when Annabelle and I go out there seeking sanctuary.  Always a pleasure to see her.

And Annabelle is curious as a cat out there because it's a hideway for things that haven't quite made it to the antique mall yet.  

Neither of us knows what we might find out there.

Or if it might be turned into something we can call "art."

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