Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Shopping in Paris from home

Just because we're unable to visit Paris right now does not mean I'm not dreaming about it.

About all the things I love about Paris  -  -   - 

     the cafes and bistros, 

          the gardens and parks,

               the covered passages,

                    the bouquinistes,

                          the tree lined streets,

                              the flea markets, 

                                   the shopping . . . 

While doing a little on-line window shopping and not finding any clothes that I couldn't live without, I stumbled across a Parisian jewelry designer that I'm particularly fond of.  

Delphine Pariente's philosophy about her work is perfectly reflected in her jewelry, which is not out of this world expensive, but is, I think, very feminine and romantic.

 nouvel amour

by Delphine Pariente

"nouvel amour is a brand that I wanted accessible and luxurious, sensitive and sincere, oriented to a quality and an impeccable service.

We manufacture all our jewelry on demand, in our workshop in Paris, with our machines, our pliers and our primers. I pursue thanks to you, the dream to make of my hands, to see sheep in the clouds, to draw on notebooks and tablecloths and hear each day, this little song between you and me.


My story is the story of a memory at the top of a cherry blossom, the most beautiful encounter of my life, an infinite bridge between us and the sky.

Each of my jewels tells this personal story. I hope you too are sensitive to the beauty of a rainbow."

She's recently made her jewelry available on-line, and you can find it here.

She lists several French phrases and quotes you're able to choose from to have engraved on the piece you decide you'd like to fly home to you.

If, like me, you do not speak French, I've taken the liberty of having Google translate a few of the phrases she offers - if you DO, however, speak French, and don't agree with Google's translations; well, that's not on me 😋. 

Treat yourself to a little Paris window shopping or, as the French say, "faire du lèche-vitrines" (literally, "licking the windows of the shops") by checking out Delphine's website.

You may find a piece, or two, along with a French phrase that you especially love and can't live without.  OR . . . choose words of your own that have special significance to you.

There are necklaces of many lengths, and medalions (with or without chains) in many sizes and shapes in different finishes, engraved in an italic script, or lower case block letters - all lovely.

There are pretty chains

There are rings

There are bracelets

And there are earrings

Bon Shopping!


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