Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A part of my life just disappeared


A webpage I made for myself many years ago while still working at ASU has all of a sudden gone POOF!  Disappeared without a courtesy warning.

Got in touch with the webmaster who referred me to the help desk.

Unable to sign in to the help desk with my username and password, I'm guessing because I am now a retiree, because that username and password is working fine for my email, I sent them an email which received no response.


NOT even a canned "we received your email" response.

It's a clunky old webpage.  Well, it was, but now it's nonexistent.  

but the contents were precious.

Old family photos which I no longer have access to.  

Old hometown photos I no longer have access to.  

Many, many memories - gone.

At first I was pretty mad.  Now I'm sad. I'll probably get mad again, but it won't make any difference.  If I can't get anyone to even take the time to respond to my query, why would I think it's a problem that they might try to resolve?

So I guess I'm stuck with having my heartbroken.  Thanks, ASU.


we looked everywhere, but what you're looking for couldn't be found..."

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