Thursday, March 4, 2021

Vaccinated and Happy, but . . .

 Just because Donald and I have received both our COVID vaccinations, that does not mean we're ready to jump right back into life as it once was.

Going into restaurants still sounds pretty crazy risky to us, truth be told.

We could still, after all, be carriers.

Thinking of other people is still a concern for us even if it isn't, sadly, for a lot of others.  

We're going to continue wearing our masks, and we're going to continue maintaining some distance.

As anxious as we both are to do some traveling, we think we need to wait awhile. 

While not given to panic attacks, the thought of getting on a crowded airplane sounds scary as all hell to me, truth be told.

And as long as there are ignorant politicians like the governor of Texas and other states removing COVID restrictions too early, I'm thankful for intelligent, caring people who will continue doing the right thing for themselves, their family and their friends and neighbors.  And for the health workers.

We both need haircuts, of course.  And we'll get that taken care of.  Soon.  Just not too soon.

I'm pretty excited to think I'll be able to have a manicure and a pedicure fairly soon.  Just not too soon.

I don't want this entire past year of sacrifices to be completely wiped out for lack of smarts and patience now.

stay safe, y'all!

As of yesterday, 518,079 Americans have died due to COVID-19.

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Lesa said...

Right there with you. I'm getting my second vaccine on the 13th, but it doesn't mean I'm ready to go to restaurants. I'm dying to travel, but, like you, I'm leery about airplanes. And, I'm going to continue to wear my mask, and stay socially distanced.