Friday, May 29, 2020


Today is a day that I'm choosing to put my head in the sand. 

My heart breaks and my head explodes over the willful destruction of the tenets our country was built on. 

Blatant hatefulness in the form of bigotry and stupidity and all being instigated and fomented by the man who is supposed to be a leader. 

A man who is, instead, the leader of the division of our country - with the help of a corrupt government. 

A man who believes 102,000 people dead from a pandemic is "winning." 

An insane man of ignorance. 

A vile man filled with hatred. 

When the day starts off with that leader instigating violence with his own racism and his own ridiculous notions along party lines, who believes the only good democrat is a dead democrat, a day that begins with reporters arrested while doing their job within their constitutional rights, and while there are black men being murdered by policemen, and children living and dying in cages. 

I cannot face this day. 

I just can't. 


I'm retiring to my private little book fort with my coffee, a box of Pepperidge Farm cookies, a couple of beach read books and a list of movies ( that will transport me magically to Paris. 

Today my world belongs to me - just me. 

The only others allowed inside my world today are Annabelle and Don Barley. 

But they'll have to bring their own cookies.

Y'all take good care of yourselves.  

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