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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Wake up

Wake up
Make your bed
Wake the kids
Get dressed
Flip the pancakes
Make the lunches
Brush the hair
Tie a shoe
Pack a backpack
School drop off
Kiss good bye
Say I love you
Go to work
Then a raid
Then chaos
Then nightmare
Then fear
Then agony
Then silence

Mama wakes you
Kisses your face
Makes you pancakes
Peanut butter jelly lunch
Braids your hair
Takes you to school
Kisses your face
Says I love you
School day bliss
Walking home
No one there
No one there
Last kisses

Multiply by 680
Multiply by thousands
And count the millions
That the CEO of Koch Foods will make

ICE is Gestapo
trump is hitler
Who will you be
Freedom fighter or nazi

- - - - by Leslé Honoré

1 comment:

Gram said...

Perfect. I reposted this on FB as it seemed so appropriate. Some people may start to think!