Friday, July 26, 2019

The president of this country is a crook; a sleazy thug and some of you just don't care

You'd rather poke and prod Robert Mueller.

The president's son is saying Mueller is mentally retarded. The public is saying, "oh my, is the poor man sick?" I'm sure Mr. Mueller and his family feel very gratified by all this. This is now what a person can expect when he does the RIGHT thing in this country??

Mueller did his job. Congress?  Pfft.  As if. 

And those of you who are wringing your hands about whether Mueller is sick or whatever? The man DID HIS JOB. He's not one who has ever needed the spotlight, has, in fact, stayed out of it. Isn't comfortable in it. If you were disappointed because he couldn't remember exactly where in a 450 page report to find the data someone wanted to know (someone IN CONGRESS who SHOULD HAVE READ THE REPORT), then bless your heart. Give him a break. The fact remains that Trump has broken the law. This whole mess is about TRUMP BREAKING THE LAW. Talk about Trump using methods of distraction and now we're doing the same thing forgetting that this isn't about Mueller now. He's done his job, and then had to come back and be hammered by rude Republican temper tantrum tossing politicians who LOVE the spotlight even when making fools of themselves because they couldn't take the time to read the report.

And when you think people have gone as low as they can go, you can count of Fox News to go lower. Without ANY evidence supporting his allegations, one of Fox's assholes starts the rumor mill rolling with the words "Onset Dementia" with regard to Mr. Mueller. Sadly, I've been close and up front with dementia. If you want a clue as to what it looks like, look into the eyes. Where there was once a sparkle of life, dignity and expression of feeling - there's now no light whatsoever. I suggest taking a look into the eyes of the president if you want to know what I'm talking about. In addition to the dementia I believe is there, you'll see the very vivid reality of evil. Purest evil.

He deserves being tossed into a cage - I pray for that day.

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Lesa said...

How they can even call Fox a news channel is beyond me. Excellent post, Kaye.