Sunday, October 7, 2018

More Paris! Eiffel Tower, Trocadero, Bouquinistes and a ride down the River Seine

Our little apartment courtyard

 Île Saint-Louis

There were two stops very close by our apartment (The Notre Dame stop, and the Hotel de Ville stop) to hop on the hop on/hop off Bateau Bus, which we loved and used a lot.

One of our stops was The Eiffel Tower where you can always count on running into some young entrepreneurs.

And where you can let your children (or spouse) play on the carousel

What can I say?
The man is nuts.
And so much fun to travel with.

One of my very favorite things in Paris is strolling and browsing the bouquinistes.  While the terms literally means "bookseller," there are other treasures as well, including antique postcards and prints.

It was Fashion Week in Paris, so we happened onto a lot of impromptu photo sessions.

One of my favorite shops in our neighborhood - and yes, I did do a little shopping here, thank you very much!

 More Fashion Week . . . 

g'nite, Paris . . . 

More tomorrow

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