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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gregg Allman and Peter Frampton

There's not much Donald and I enjoy more than live music.

We have seen a wealth of great musicians and it's always a thrill.

Tuesday we saw Gregg Allman and Peter Frampton in Charlotte at The Amphitheater.  (It  keeps changing names and I have no idea what its name is today - the Metro Credit Union Amphitheater, maybe . . . )

We've both seen Gregg Allman numerous times over the years.  And although he may be walking and moving a little slower than he once did, his voice is as strong and clear and true as it ever was.

Neither of us had seen Peter Frampton before.

What a pixie-like ball of energy he is!  Adorable.

And his band members glow with pride when he steps up to play next to one of them

We had front row seats and I was as giddy as a kid.

We were outside and it was hot.

I can't even tell you how hot, but it was hot.

My hair was soaking wet in no time.

And our clothes were sticking to us by the time we left.

It was supposed to rain, but that never happened.

Because it was supposed to rain, we left good cameras at home and took one of the old ones - so excuse the quality of the pics.

But you know what?

It didn't matter that it was hot.

It wouldn't have mattered if it had rained.

It was a great night.

Watching two legends make music, listening to them sing their music live.

It doesn't get much better.

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