Sunday, June 29, 2014

A perfect day in the mountains

I love living in Boone, NC

Spending a day downtown is one of my favorite things to do.

Toss in a book festival and boy howdy - what could be better?!

Saturday was the High Country Festival of the Book which you been  seeing me post about here and at Facebook.  Actually, there were some events on Friday, and a dinner on Friday evening, but I was unable to attend those.

And sadly, there were many writers here on Saturday that I didn't get pictures of.  There were wonderful things happening, and because there were so many people I wanted to spend time with, I just didn't get everywhere, but come along and enjoy my day with me - - -

I got into town early, wanting to make sure I missed running into the annual Blood, Sweat & Gears 100 mile bicycle race, which passes directly in front of our road.  I've been caught in it before and will now miss it at all costs.  I admire those bikers, but I do not want to be among them on these curvy mountain roads.

I parked behind the Jones House, which always makes me smile.  It's an important part of the Boone community and I was happy that some of the festival activities would be happening here.

Then walked down King St., admiring the flowers (I love this time of year in the mountains), and enjoying being right where I was.

I am not able to walk by our bronze of Doc Watson without taking a picture.  He was a much loved local figure, and will be missed by many for a long, long time.

And treated myself to breakfast at my favorite Boone restaurant, Melanie's Food Fantasy

and got to have a chat with the one and only Melanie.

Melanie rocks.

Then wandered back to The Jones House and Marcia had been busy setting up the book store.  Appalachian State's University Bookstore always does an excellent job of handling the festival book sales.

Our first two speakers of the day were two authors I have long admired.

I was over the moon to find out both of them would be participating in our festival.

Robert Inman


Just so happens, both have new books out - Yay!!!!

Did I even attempt to resist buying both?


No way!

And both were gracious enough to sign their books and have their picture made with this gal who thinks authors are rock stars.

Then I wandered over to our library where even more festival activities were taking place.

More books, more authors, music on the lawn, food tents, children's activities - all on a perfect mountain day.

Outside - 

And, inside - - 

(here's my friend, Paul Benson - Hi, Paula!)

And, I have to tell you.  I was so happy to see Jane Edwards, one of the authors of Jelly Bean Finds Her Special Place

AND, she brought along some of her Jelly Bean toys.  These are the sweetest, the softest, the most lovable little lambs on God's green earth.  I tried just as hard to resist buying one of these as I did buying books - which means, not one whit.

this is the real Jelly Bean.  Do read her story!

Then I wandered back to The Jones House in time to hear Lynn Cullen talk about her new book, Mrs. Poe

I had received an advance copy of Mrs. Poe and loved it.  Now I'm ready to read it again because Lynn's talk was so fascinating.  One thing I'm sad about is that I walked out of the house and forgot to take my copy of Mrs. Poe with me to have signed.  But, maybe, just maybe, I'll cross paths with this lovely woman again on down the road.  

Next up.  The Mystery Panel which I was asked to moderate.  I was tickled pink (and scared to death!).  Panel members included two authors I call friends, who write books I have recommended and given as gifts to many friends and family members over the years.  Vicki Lane and Mike Orenduff, along with Sean Keefer, whose work I now know and won't hesitate in recommending.  Millie West had planned on joining our panel, but things didn't work out.  Millie broke her leg, quite badly.  She was able to participate in the festival, but as a speaker rather than a panelist.  And darned if I didn't miss her talk while I was buying fluffy stuffed Jelly Bean lambs at the library!

Life I said earlier, unfortunately,I missed several of our authors - several of whom I had very much looked forward to meeting.  

Our mystery panel moved out to the front porch (thank you, Suzanne! The best festival chair festival ever), and we had a wonderful time just talking books.  I got over being scared (but not over being a bit nervous, I'm afraid), and a good time was had by all.  
My thanks to the panelists for making it so easy, and my thanks to the readers and writers who joined us.  It was a perfect day.

(photo by Paula Benson)

And here's a picture of the treasures that came home with me

some very cool swag from my friend, Georgia author, Elaine Drennon Little (whose Book I *did* remember to take, but then forgot to ask her to sign.  aargh).

Thanks, Elaine!!

AND - my very own baby Jelly Bean, along with two books I cannot wait to read!!!!  squeeee!

Note:  Vicki Lane has done a blog about the festival.  Check it out!


Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

LORDAMERCY! I made a major mess of boo boo's with typos, didn't I?! I "think" I found and fixed them, but if you spot some I missed, please let me know. ugh.

Mason Canyon said...

Oh Kaye, who notices the typos, I was just enjoying the festival and wishing I was there. It looks like it was a grand time. Love all the swag you took home. Such wonderful authors and books. Thanks for sharing. :)

Paula Gail Benson said...

Had such a lovely time, Kaye. Seeing you was icing on the cake! Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Kaye, you are a treasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your tales and scenes of small towns ... which I miss... I've been imprisoned in urbanopolis for 40 years and miss small town America, where my roots are! Thelma in Manhattan

Lesa said...

I'm with Mason. It was just so much fun enjoying your day with you. I can't wait to do that at Bouchercon. But, it might not be quite as much fun as the High Country Book Festival. Hugs!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Thanks, everyone!! It really was a fun day, and I wish you all could have been here. (and thank you for forgiving my sins of typos!!).

Lesa - we are going to have the BEST time at B'Con! Cannot wait!!!!!