Thursday, November 7, 2013

What one author has to say about "Whimsey"

"I sat up last night to finish reading Kaye Barley's WHIMSEY, a beautiful book, with Kaye's personality shining through every page. I can't decide whether she wrote a fairy tale for adults or a Cinderella story for the child in all of us, but I loved it."

So says Pat Browning, a woman I admire who also happens to be a writer I admire. 

Her full 5 Star review can be seen here -  

She wrote a book I have recommended here, there and all over the interwebs; ABSINTHE OF MALICE (published originally under the name FULL CIRCLE).  And I hear she's writing a sequel . . . (tapping my toe impatiently).

But, being totally honest, I think Pat's greatest gift is her talent for memoir and narrative non-fiction.  She has graced Meanderings and Muses as a guest every year since it began, and she's one of the first people I invite back when I start working on the schedule for the next year.  She has traveled the world and offers us a peek into places many of us will never have an opportunity to visit.  She offers that peek to us with her inimitable voice and viewpoint.  We've seen her riding a camel, dining with handsome strangers in magical places.  She shares photos I wish I had taken.  And she always leaves me wishing for more. 

She does a lot of guest blogging, and I follow her wherever I can find her, including her own blog which you can see here -

To read words of praise from a woman who has been an inspiration to me for so many years is, indeed, a lovely, lovely thing.

Thank you, Pat!!!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely comment!!! Thelma in Manhattan

Pat Browning said...

Kaye, you are too kind! I appreciate your generous comments. Here's to much more to say -- from both of us.
Pat Browning