Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meeting Elizabeth Peters

Life is full of memories.
I feel so blessed to have so many good ones.
Here's one
Going to Malice in 2011
 Riding the train up with  Margaret and Joe Maron, and Bren Bonner.

Bren Bonner Witchger and Margaret Maron

Kaye Barley and Joe Maron

We started running into folks almost the second we walked in the door of the hotel.  Including Dorothy Cannell and Malice Guest of Honor, Jan Burke.

Dorothy Cannell, Jan Burke, Margaret Maron and Bren Bonner Witchger

And I couldn't wait to hit the dealer's room!

Kaye Barley and Margaret Maron

In case you don't recognize the fella behind Margaret, that's Don Longmuir who owns the wonderful Scene of the Crime Books.  It was at his booth I was lucky enough to find a hard back, first edition of Barbara Michaels' "Ammie,Come Home."  Was I excited?!  Pfft!  I guess!  I had brought my much loved, many times read, beat up, rag tag paperback copy with me for her to sign.  I was thrilled to have this copy instead. 

A couple days later, we gathered together to pay homage to the incredible Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels

Julian Cannell, Margaret Maron and Joe Maron

It was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of THE funniest skits I have ever witnessed.  Ms. Peters was joined by Joan Hess, Dorothy Cannell, Parnell Hall and Daniel Stashower (with a special appearance by Ammie from "Ammie, Come Home")

Elizabeth Peters aka Barbara Michaels aka Barbara Mertz

Joan Hess and Elizabeth Peters

Dorothy Cannell, Joan Hess and Elizabeth Peters

Joan Hess, Elizabeth Peters and Parnell Hall

Ammie from "Ammie, Come Home," Dorothy Cannell, Parnell Hall, Joan Hess, Elizabeth Peters and Daniel Stashower

Joan Hess and Elizabeth Peters

AND, I got to meet her.  Margaret Maron made the introduction,  and I proceeded to cry all over the gracious Ms. Peters (I wanted to die)

My thanks to Karen Kiley for this picture.   Margaret also took one.  The one Margaret took is a wonderful picture of Ms. Peters.  I, however, look like a lunatic.  Certainly not Margaret's fault - I just couldn't quit crying!!

Ms. Peters also agreed to sign books.

What a perfect day this was,
one I will never forget.
Barbara Mertz/Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels


jenny milchman said...

How lucky you are to have gotten to meet so many literary lights, Kaye! This is a sad loss indeed.

Janet Rudolph said...

What wonderful memories and photos. Her legacy lives on through her books.

Alice Duncan said...

Oh, Kaye, thanks for posting these pictures and that wonderful tribute. It's difficult to imagine the world without more of her wonderful books. Sniffle.

Judy Hogan said...

I also loved Mertz;s books and read all i could get ahold of, but I don't think I ever read Ammie, Come Home. I'll have to find that. The skit was wonderful. What a great woman. Thanks for this blog, Kaye. Judy Hogan

Unknown said...

I was enjoying your post so much until the end. I had no idea she had passed. I had been perusing her website only moments ago and decided to write her and tell her what a joy her books have been to me. I don't blame you for crying when you met her--I'm afraid I would have done the same thing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories.