Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whimsey News!

Today I am a happy girl! 

I went to Amazon to see how Whimsey is doing.

I typed "Lowcountry Novels" in the search box and Whimsey is #15!!!  Yay!!!!  There it is, right behind some of my favorite writers, including Dorothea Benton Frank and Anne Rivers Siddons.

And THEN - to top that - it's #4 in Lowcountry Novels in the Amazon Kindle Store!!!  wow.

Y'all - Life is Good. 

And I thank each of you for supporting me, and Whimsey, from the beginning.  Hugs to you all!


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! You must be flying high!!!!! Thelma in Manhattan

Kathy Lynn Emerson said...

Well deserved, Kaye. Whimsey is a thoroughly enjoyable read.