Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A little more about President Obama's Inauguration

Yesterday's inauguration moved me greatly.

After some trepidation four years ago, I have become quite proud of our president.  A loyal supporter.  And I think his speech during the inauguration yesterday was brilliant.  I think it was honest and from the heart.  I believe Barack Obama to be a good man and a decent man.  A man of "true" family values.  A man who lives those values and doesn't preach them falsely.  I also think he wants what's best for this country and if not for a congress determined to make it look as though the president failed, would move us forward.

While I was watching I felt the stirrings of "oh my - gotta write about this!" begin and I realized how much I've missed writing pieces from my heart for Meanderings and Muses.  It's not that I haven't felt them - I just haven't had the time while writing "Whimsey." 

Whimsey is now out of my hands for a while.  I shipped it off to the Ebook formatting company "booknook.biz" which I've heard wonderful things about.  I'm waiting for an estimate now.  After the estimate, I don't know how long the turn-around time is for the Ebook formatted file to be sent back to me, but not too long, I don't think.  Then I'll take it to Kindle Direct Publishing.  So - in the very near future I'll get to see my book in print.  my book.  whew.  That is powerful.  Even more powerful, to me, is that my mother will get to see it. 


Back to "this" piece.

I couldn't get started.  I was stuck.  "Where do I start?"  How do I put all the feelings I have about this inauguration, this man - our president, into the words I'm feeling. 

Stumped.  I was stumped.

So I got in my car and went to The Gym (that's the name of it - that's why you always see it capitalized.  Don't you love that?).  Immediately, while driving, the words started falling into place.  While doing my work-out it just wrote itself.  And here it is, starting with the piece I posted yesterday.  It's not earth shattering.  It's a small, small thing in the big scheme of things.  But important in my scheme of things.  And I'll be doing some short pieces sharing my feelings here this week.

I find the irony of the inauguration falling on the day we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. chillingly appropriate.  I cannot even begin to imagine how the Obama family feels, or for that matter, every black family in these United States.  I like to think Dr. King has been looking down and smiling on the Obama family, proud to see this beautiful family together and happy.  And wishing them well.

As am I.  As am I.


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Anonymous said...

Kaye, I echo all you said about the Presidemt. I was able to watch the whole day on C-Span - from the St. John's Ch. to the balls. It was like having a $$$$ seat! In NY there is much talk re racial bias about him, that is, many feel this is what propels all the rancor. NYC, heavily Jewish, is mainly pro BO, but many people still seem to expect miracles from him. Thanks for your words. Thelma Straw in Manhattan