Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Things I just don't get . . . .

As I creep along into my dotage I’ve come to realize there are an awful lot of things I just don’t get.


I don’t get mean people. 

Don’t get me wrong - I'm not talking about someone who will react in a like manner when someone has been mean to them – hell, I’m most definitely one of those.  I mean people who are just plain mean.  And worse, they seem perfectly okay with it.  Boring - don't you find them boring as all get-out??

But.  You all know exactly how I feel about mean people.  I've blogged about it for years and harped about it all over the place. 

So, today I want to talk about other things I just don't get.
I don’t get people who want to show me their wounds.  You know, I figure that bandage there tells me all I want to know about your boo-boo. 

Same for an illness.  "I'm sick" is all I need to hear.  Really.  I won’t feel a bit more empathy for you once I’ve heard the list of symptoms that are going to cause me to turn green than I did in the beginning with “I’m sick . . . . “  (I know, I know - I'd make the worse possible nurse on God's green earth . . .  sigh).



I don’t get arrogance.  You know people who think they know sooooo much more than the rest of us? I find it to be an especially unattractive trait.  And boring. 

Guess what . . . .


I don’t get “drama.”  I don’t mean the occasional “Oh My GAWD” moment.  I mean those people who have a drama a day – two a day – the more the merrier.  sigh.  After a while it becomes expected.  and boring.  (unless you're Norma Desmond)


But, there are people who need that spotlight so badly that even pity is a reward for them.  It's sad, but it's also kinda scary - and boring - I think, for someone to be that needy all the time. 

And I really don't get negative. We're all going to have a bad day. We're all going to have to face some tough times. But what do people get out of facing each and every day with a cloud of doom and gloom hanging over their head? Negativity is exhausting. And boring.

I don’t get couples who will go out socially with other people and then spend the whole time bickering.  Or worse – tell a “funny” story about their spouse, partner or date which in actuality isn’t funny, but meant to embarrass.  Hey – break up already!  Or at the very least, stay home.  Alone.  You’re boring too.

Which leads me to sarcasm.  I'm sorry, I really don't get sarcasm.  Oh, I mean - I "get" it, but why? Don't get me wrong, I think the occassional "Oh, REALLY?" said jokingly between friends shows a close camaraderie and I think that's enjoyable.  But - there's that other kind of sarcasm.   Often times used as a passive aggressive way of belittling someone when actually the person being sarcastic is probably pretty insecure.  Or just doesn't have the guts to come out say what they really mean.  

I don't get people who can't say "thank you."

Or who cannot for the life of them bring themselves to give someone a compliment.

Pitiful as it may be - there really are people who just cannot be happy for someone else, not even someone they call a friend.

It's sounds, from this post, that I'm a terribly unsympathetic person. 

I don't think I am, really. 

Well, okay, maybe I am. 

But you know, "Maybe" it's because I'm an introvert - which makes me a little less tolerant of people. 

Or, chalk it up to my being a Sagittarius - NO tact whatsoever, I'm told.  Well, okay - so I do tend to speak my mind a little . . . .

(and yes, I look exactly like this!)

And I can't close without saying this.  This is something I "get" but truly hate.

The person who calls themself a Christian and yet will call a person of color a nigger and a person who lives an alternative lifestyle a fag.

Oh yeah, I "get" that person.  And get as far away from them as possible.  There is no room in my world for this type of ignorate hate-filled hypocrite.

Whatever.  I make no apologies.  I yam who I yam -

me and Popeye.



cathy said...

Yup, I agree with all that you said Kaye (and LOVED all the pictures you had going along with your prose!). Let's face it: as you said: MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Amazing! I always pictured you as a Lady Centaur with huge boobs! And a sword! (hee)

Unknown said...

Loved the lady centaur! Interesting blog!