Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meanderings and Muses 2013 Guest List


Cheers, My Friends,
for a Happy Holiday Season

Some of you may remember the first Meanderings and Muses post was July 25, 2008.

The first Meanderings and Muses guest blog was January 11, 2009.

And thus began the tradition of guests.  A guest list which has been an impressive line up, if I do say so myself - including:

Alafair Burke, Alan Cook, Alan Orloff, Alexandra Sokoloff, Alice Duncan, Andi Shechter, Andrew Grant, Ann Parker, Ashley McConnell, Avery Adams, Barbara Fister, Barbara Fradkin, Ben Small, Beth Anderson, Beth Groundwater, Beth Hoffman, Bill Cameron, Bill Crider, Bronson L. "Bo" Parker, Bobbi Mumm, Brad Parks, Brandon Seidl, Brant Randall, Brenda Buchanan, Bruce Cook, Cara Black, Carola Dunn, Carolyn Haines, Carolyn J. Rose, Caryn St. Clair, Casey Mayes, Cathy Lee Carper, Chris Cavender, Chris Grabenstein, Chris Roerden, Clea Simon, Cleo Coyle, Coco Ihle, Cornelia Read, Craig Johnson, Dana Cameron, Dana King, Dean James, Deborah Crombie, Deborah Sharp, Debra Ginsberg, Deni Dietz, Denise Hamilton, Diane Chamberlain, Don Barley, Donna Andrews, Donna Moore, Doris Ann Norris, Duffy Brown, E. J. Copperman, Earl Staggs, Elaine Viets, Elizabeth Spann Craig, Elizabeth Zelvin, Ellery Adams, Evelyn David, Felix Baron, Gary Corby, Gerrie Ferris-Finger, Gilliam Roberts, Gina Gilmore, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Hilary Davidson, Irene Fleming, J.T. Ellison, Jane Cleland, Janet Rudolph, Jeff Cohen, Jen Forbus, Jenn McKinlay, Jenny Milchman, Jeri Westerson, Joanna Campbell Slan, Joelle Charbonneau, Jonathan Quist, Judith Greber, Judy Hogan, Julia Buckley, Julie Dolcemachio, Julie Hyzy, Karen Olson, Karen Schindler, Kate Gallison, Kathryn Wall, Kaye George, Kelli Stanley, Ken Lewis, Kris Neri, Krista Davis, L.J. Roberts, L.J. Sellers, Larry Karp, Laura Childs, Leighton Gage, Lesa Holstine, Leslie Wheeler, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Lillian Stewart Carl, Linda Fairstein, Linda Palmer, Lonnie Cruse, Lou Allin, Louise Penny, Lucy Burdette, Maggie Barbieri, Marcia Talley, Margaret Maron, Marian Borden, Marilyn Meredith, Mark Coggins, Mark de Castrique, Mary Ellen Dennis, Mary Jane Maffini, Mary Reed, Mary Welk, Megan Abbott, Melinda Wells, Meredith Cole, Michael Alatorre, Michael Crawley, Michael Wiley, Mike Orenduff, Miranda James, Molly Weston, Morgan Mandel, N.J. Lindquist, Nan Dillingham, Nancy Lynn Jarvis, Nancy Martin, Nancy Means Wright, Nancy Peterson Farina, Neil Plakcy, Nikki Strandskov, P.J. Coldren, Pari Noskin Taichert, Pat Browning, Patricia Neely-Dorsey, Patricia Stoltey, Pattie Tierney, Patty Andersen, Peg Brantley, Rachel Brady, Radine Trees Nehring, Reed Farrel Coleman, Rhonda Dossett, Riley Adams, R.J. Harlick, Rob Walker, Robert Fate, Robert S. Levinson, Roberta Isleib, Robin Burcell, Robin Minnick, Robin Spano, Rosemary Harris, S.J. Rozan, Sandra Parshall, Sandra Ruttan, Sara J. Henry, Sarah Byrne, Sarah Shaber, Sasscer Hill, Scott Nicholson, Shane Gericke, Sharon Wildwind, Shelley Costa, Shelly Fredman, Shirley Wetzel, Simon Wood, Susan Anderson, Suzanne Adair, Sylvia Dickey Smith, Tasha Alexander, Thomas H. Cook, Tim Hallinan, Tim Myers, Toni L.P. Kelner, Toni McGee Causey, Tony Burton, Twist Phelan, Vicki Delany, Vicki Lane, Wendy Bartlett, Zoe Sharp

And now, ta DA  -

it's time to announce the 2013 Meanderings and Muses guests -

January 6 - Margaret Maron
February 3 - Mary Jane Maffini
February 17 - Deborah Crombie
March 31 - Hallie Ephron
April 14 - Earl Staggs
April 28 - Roberta Isleib
May 19 - Reed Farrel Coleman
June 16 - Kathleen Prater Taylor
July 7 - Bronson L. "Bo" Parker
July 21 - Sharon Wildwind
August 25 - Diane Chamberlain
September 15 - Hank Phillippi Ryan
October 13 - Sarah Shaber
November 10 - Vicki Lane
December 1 - Krista Davis
December 15 - Lesa Holstine

If you're wondering why the list is so much shorter than in years past, well, I want to start spending a little more time writing.  If you've been following my journey with my first novel, here's my manuscript news.   After receiving comments back from first readers and putting "Whimsey" to bed for a few weeks, I am now in the process of making a few changes and doing another sweep of edits. January is the month I hope to start the scary, heartbreaking process of agent querying. 

However, I think that while I'm involved in agent querying I'm going to start researching reputable small publishing houses that accept direct submissions.  And I'm also going to start looking into EBook publishing. Anyone with knowledge about these things, or opinions you care to share, I would love to hear from you.  Either here as a comment, or through email - barleykw at appstate dot edu

And to all of you who have supported Meanderings and Muses (and me) - Thank You - You're the best!


cathy said...

Great guest-list, Kaye! I always look forward to reading the articles. Sounds like it was a smart move to cut back on the number of guest-bloggers so you can spend time working on your manuscripts and finding an agent, etc. That's very exciting!

Lesa said...

Looks like 2013 may be a big year of changes for both of us, Kaye. We love you, and all your friends wish you the best. Most of all, I'm hoping you, Don, Harley, and your mother have a wonderful year of love and good health, along with a lot of good books. I love you, Kaye.

Kathleen Taylor said...

I'm honored to be a part of such a cool list! Thanks for inviting me, Kaye!

Jody said...

Looking forward to all the guest blogs. Best of luck working on your book. Merry Christmas!

lil Gluckstern said...

Looking forward to more fun. Have a great Christmas, and hope your dreams come true.

Anonymous said...

Kaye, this is a most impressive list! I think you get the prize for the most invited honored guests!!! With all your contacts you should not have trouble in signing up with an agent, but you are wise to look at the places that take unagented submissions as well. This is a $$$ oriented environment out there - but, hey, you never know - you might well hit the jackpot! All the best in your next journey! Thelma in Manhattan

jenny milchman said...

I can't wait to see where Whimsy goes, and to be able to read it myself, Kaye! I have a feeling your journey with it will be paved with joy...

Brenda Buchanan said...

Fabulous guest list for 2013, Kaye. Glad we're all invited to the party and that in 2013 you'll be setting aside the necessary time to get that first novel out into the world. I'm looking forward to hearing you have an agent and a deal!

Merry Christmas


Earl Staggs said...

A fantastic list of guests, Kaye, and I feel privileged to be on it. I'll look forward to your announcement that Whimsey is with a great agent and then a major publisher. Happy Holidays and let's make 2013 the best year ever.

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

What an exciting year this will be! xoo and whooo hooo