Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Photo A Day Challenge - Day 15

Topic of the Day

One of the things we laugh about (one of the many) at our photo group is how serendipity plays such a huge part of our group.  We've made "her" our patron saint and given her a name.  We're thankful for how she comes to our aid in so many ways in finding the perfect picture for our prompts on a particular day.  And in oh so many additional ways.
Today is a perfect example.
I took this picture of a peace sign in one of our local Boone shops a few weeks ago.  When "Peace" was added to our monthly list of prompts, I knew I wanted to use it.  I then played around with it at PicMonkey (a free on-line photo editor that just rocks! ).  I wanted to make it a bit more Christmasy and I added the little pink heart to cover up the pricetag.  (Laws, but I do love PicMonkey).
Coming up through the 60s when I did, this symbol has a great deal of special meaning to me, as it does for so many of you.  It's one of our icons.  It may have started out trite, but it has grown, at least to me, to be a sign of true meaning.
In light of yesterday's horrifying events, today's post became even more special.
Serendipity, I thank you.
Images and words.  That's what Meanderings and Muses is all about. 
And as I've said so many times, it's a big part of my heart.
A heart which is broken today and because I don't have the words I want to share someone else's with you.  Along with a few images that have touched me.
This is from Lander Bethel, Pastor of Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church in Sherman, Texas. He wrote it in response to Mike Huckabee's insane statement that the Sandy Hook murders took place because we have taken God out of school. "God has not been removed from the schools - as if God could be legislated out of something. Organized public prayer has been prohibited from our public schools. That doesn't remove God, nor does it forbid prayer offered privately. God's sovereignty isn't limited by legislation. How small and insignificant that would make God. Where was God when this terrible thing happened? God was there with the divine heart being pierced and broken again with the children whose lives were taken from them, the teachers and principal whose lives were snuffed out. God was there with those who suffered and continue to suffer through this sad loss. Maybe if our understanding of God were big enough to know that we all belong to God - those who suffer terrible pain and loss, as well as those who suffer such deep mental illness who perpetrate such hurtful things, we might work to find ways to offer more effective help that could prevent some of these things from happening. Surely this is some of the healing that God would call us to do before there is more deep hurt."    My thanks to Viccy Kemp for sharing it with us.

IF you feel the way I do about handgun control, and would like to "Seriously, respectfully and quickly work to end the violence committed by assault weapons," the White House has posted a petition.  You can reach it here: - you'll need a White House Account, which you'll be able to set up when you sign, and it only takes a minute. 

As we all knew would happen, Facebook has been slammed with words and images.  Some have touched me in positive ways - powerful ways.  Some have made me sick.  Facebook is a forum for all views and all opinions.  Meanderings and Muses is MY forum.  One I'm thankful I have, especially on days like today.

Here's the image that sums up exactly how I felt last night after my feelings and emotions moved from shock, horror, immense sadness, anger, confusion, and a feeling of loss.  All the many phases of all those emotions we all went through together - alone.  This is the image that will live in my heart.  I saw it at Erica Heller's FB page.  It's a photograph by Graham De Lacy -

Graham De Lacy

And another powerful image.  A sculpture depicting a revolver with a knot in its barrel on display on the plaza outside the United Nations headquarters in New York. It was created by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reutersward and is called 'Non-Violence'.

And finally - MY truth is that gun control is past due.  I want the killing of innocent people to STOP. 

It's time for us to speak out, even if our voices shake.


Julie said...

I'm not entirely sure why it's more important to keep one's perceived rights to purchase an arsenal of military and/or law enforcement weapons than it is to safeguard our citizenry (especially our children).

I am sick today.

LJ Roberts said...

You touched my heart and made me cry but I also signed the petition. I was very happy to see the response to the comments made by Huckabee and others. I was furious when I read that. Bless you, dear Kaye.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this statement - I wish there was one blog for all that everyone could read - this would be on it! I have rarely been so moved by what happened - I lose it every time I turn on the TV - the more I hear the worse it gets - I am appalled that a man who has the forum of Huckabee would even think such vile things! God bless you, for this blog ... Thelma in Manhattan