Saturday, November 3, 2012

Country Music Awards, Nov. 1, 2012 - Nashville, TN

I've been lucky enough to be able to attend some pretty awesome events.

Oftentimes, events are all about the hype, but I'm a sucker for them anyway.  Love 'em!!!

To experience The Indy 500 a couple times is something I'll never forget. 

The Masters in Augusta left me breathless.  One year we attended the Pro-Am played the day before the tournament and that was cool beyond measure - especially when Arnie Palmer drove right up in his little golf car next to me and my friend Becky for a little chat.  Cool?  Cool!

I was sitting in the Atlanta Stadium when Hank Aaron his Number 755.  Very cool!

I've been to Aspen and kicked out of my ski class for not taking it seriously enough (with friend Becky yet again).  Probably for the best - I don't know the first thing about skiing.  Apr├Ęs-ski was really more my style while we were there.

I've attended a lot of concerts and have loved every one of them - The Willie Nelson 4th of July Picnic in Hampton, GA in 1983 was, without a doubt, one of the more memorable  . . . .

I ADORE Willie Nelson, and have seen him a whole lot of times.  Hoping to see him a whole lot more.

Our latest event was attending the CMAs in Nashville and it was divine!  The cherry on top was a tribute to Willie Nelson.  Cool?  oh, yes.

I had never been to Nashville so being invited by my buddy Maryglenn to not only come see Nashville, but come and go to the CMAs left me speechless - and Donald too.  He was every bit as excited about it as I was.  The trip lived up to our expectations and quite possibly even exceeded them.

The day before the awards show, we spent most of the day on Broadway downtown.  Nashville is a wonderful mix of old and new.  We loved it.

We shopped and acted silly - taking pictures, of course, all along the way.


Okay - time to get ready for the Big Event - Yayayayayayay!

Harley Approves!!! (and me too!)

Still acting silly right into the elevator -

Meeting up with friends - - -

and seeing the show -


Brad Paisley
Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill
Blake Shelton
Vince Gill, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban

Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Eric Church
Kenny Chesney


Carrie Underwood


Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
Kix Brooks

Willie Nelson Tribute


Events.  They may be all about the hype - but, oh wow, to experience all the energy surrounding certain events warrants the hype - every single bit of it. 

Here's to Nashville!  We had a great time and we'll be back.

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Carleen said...

So fun to share with you via the pics. Looks like a perfect trip!