Friday, October 19, 2012

Bitchin' and Moanin' and All That Jazz . . . .

It's easy to bitch and moan.  Too easy.

Problem is it's boring.

What's harder is to find something to sing about instead.

I've had a couple days of not feeling so great - and no, I know you don't want to hear the details, believe me - I do know that.  Nor do I want to share them (again, there's that boring thing).

But what I do want to do is tell you that I say my "Thank You's" every single day for Donald Scott Barley.

He knows I love to hear him sing. 

Sometimes without telling him I will stand outside the bathroom and listen to him sing in the shower.  He's sings beautifully.

He sings a lot of Don Williams and he sings George Jones' "Choices" like a dream.

I've asked him a couple times to record a CD for me, and i haven't given up on that just yet, but his gift to me this week was to sneak off behind closed doors and do a video recording of himself singing one of my all time favorite songs ever.  "House on Pooh Corner."

Y'all - i love this man. 

and i love my life.

So, if you hear me bitchin' and moanin' please remind me to come to my post dated 10/19/2012 in Meanderings and Muses to remind me of the good stuff I'm blessed with.

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