Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Photo A Day Challenge - Day 11

Topic of the Day is "Hero"
I don't know the names of my hero(es).  I've hugged them and I've cried in their arms, but I don't know their names.
They're the doctors and nurses and staff who were working in the Emergency Room of Watauga Medical Center on May 14, 2010 when my Donald suffered a heart attack.  They're the people who revived him and brought him back to me.
The're the emergency team who flew him in a helicopter to Mission Memorial Hospital in Asheville
They're the doctors, nurses and staff at Mission Memorial.
They're the staff at The Sheraton in Asheville who took good care of me and Harley for the week we lived there.
They're the people who prayed for us and helped Donald live, recover and thrive.
They're the angels who walk this earth disguised as humans.
thank you

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