Friday, July 20, 2012

Margaret Maron's Sigrid Harald

Attention all Margaret Maron fans! And I know there's a bunch of you out there. 

Everyone loves Deborah Knott, right? 

But - have you read her earlier series? 

If not, here's your chance to get to know Sigrid Harald. 

Margaret is offering the Kindle version of the first in the series, ONE COFFEE WITH, this weekend for free. Starting tomorrow (Saturday) morning through Monday evening as a thank you to her readers. It's a great series, and one I love to bits.

Here's the chronological listing of the Sigrid series:

  • One Coffee With, 1981
  • Death of a Butterfly, 1984
  • Death in Blue Folders, 1985
  • The Right Jack, 1987
  • Baby Doll Games, 1988
  • Corpus Christmas, 1989
  • Past Imperfect, 1991
  • Fugitive Colors, 1995

Plus, Sigrid made an appearance, along with Deborah, in THREE-DAY TOWN (2011 Agatha Award for Best Novel) and will be making another in THE BUZZARD TABLE due out later this year.

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