Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Photo A Day Challenge - Day 9 - - But, NOT Just

Topic of the day


"Something You Do Every Day"

At some time during the day, every day, I sit in this chair and have a little visit with Harley, drink my coffee, read and piddle about on my iPad.

Today there will be one thing different.

Today there will also be a box of tissue close by to wipe my nose and dry my tears in between fits of anger that the State of North Carolina voted to pass a nasty piece of poorly written bigotry posing as an amendment to our state constitution.  Amendment One is "supposed" to be about banning same sex marriage (WHY this is an issue for anyone baffles me!  Why does same sex marriage scare people?  WHAT on earth is the problem?  And do you really want the government sticking its nose into our personal lives to this extent anyway?!). 


The issue of same sex marriage is already addressed in the State of NC Constitution, so this amendment is simply government and "religious" sanctioned bigotry.  The last time North Carolina amended their constitution on marriage it was to ban interracial marriage. I gotta say - we are moving forward at a rapid clip here, aren't we?

Here's a simple breakdown of Amendment One showing the reality of its hatefulness:

But, we chose to accept this as part of our culture.  It will forever be a part of our heritage.  This is now who we are.  How we'll be viewed by others.  And in the meantime the court costs will drive an already almost bankrupt state into deeper poverty.  But oh yeah - those two people who love one another?  But happen to be the same sex?  They won't be getting married here.  They won't be allowed benefits such as social security and health care that keep other married couples somewhat secure, so we're cool with it all, right?!  No problem.  Other than looking at ourselves in the mirror. 


LJ Roberts said...

I am so sorry this passed. It is a very sad day, not just for North Carolina, but for the precedent it sets as you know this will now be carried to other states. I do wonder at the impact it will have on the economy of North Carolina as companies and school have problems attracting people to your state. Only time will tell.

Phyllis said...


I share your dismay. And many of the people who voted for this are the same people who say they want the government out of our private lives. Jon Stewart did a piece last night on cognitive dissonance. I think this fits.

Phyllis in Champaign

Bobbie said...

Kaye, thank you for saying this with courage and with anger. Your words strike it exactly as it is. And they hide behind "religion" to be this mean. Good on you, and so very bad on your state at this time.