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Saturday, April 21, 2012

In Honor of National Poetry Month - Dorothy Alves Holmes

My Red Poem (written with my pink pen)



Here I write a red poem,
Sophie Tucker red,
'The last of the red hot mama's red'
It is a hard Tap Dancing Red,
St. Valentine's red...
Cinnamon Apple scented red...
Georgio sweet smelling red,
Victoria Secret Red
Morning sunrise red,
Red Hot lipstick red
The blush on your cheeks red,
Happy Go Lucky Red,
Written with my flaming Pink Craylo Pen
On this October day...
Oh you kid!


DorothyAlvesHolmes said...

I am delighted to find my poem posted here on your pages. This Red Poem is one of a series of poem I wrote with this pink crayola pen purchased from our local post office back in 1998. Thank you so much for the honor...I am now 80 years young.

Dorothy Alves Holmes
A Poet Who Loves To Sing

Kaye Barley said...

Oh wow.

Ms. Holmes, I am blown away, tickled to death and honored that you dropped by. Thank You!!!!

I would so love to read more of your work if you could tell me where I might find it. I love this poem of yours and included it another blog I did -

take care,
Kaye Barley

Dorothy Alves Holmes said...

I can't believe I am just finding you again. Have since published two other books titled "Let The Music Play" and "Looking Up From Down Here"...My email is to order or through Chesapeake Bay
Dorothy Alves Holmes.