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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project Little Library. Fini!

The little library room is complete.

well, sorta.

I had planned on putting a small writing desk in there, but I think the room is just too small for it, but I'm still thinking.  And eventually there will be a new area rug in there - but not till later.

I was going to use some of the same pictures I had hanging in there when it was a guest room, but that fell by the wayside when I ran across a tube of old posters I had put away years ago.  Some of them hung in my office when we were working at Georgia Tech, so they're pretty old (and look it, I'm afraid), but I love them.  It was like running across old friends.

Especially this one -

My Hero!

Eloise is who I wanted to be when I was a little girl, and I still just love her to pieces.

It just wouldn't do for me to have a library and not have Eloise in attendance, so she hides behind the door so she can pop out and shout BOO! and scare folks when they come in.

Anyhoooo - - -

Here's what it looks like -

My little dream room.

'Course, this only covers books written by authors A through some of G.

The rest of the alphabet meanders throughout the house.

And that's okay, 'cause . . . .


Bobbie said...

Kaye, your room is Truly Lovely. Haven, heaven, glorious, charming. Thank you for sharing this with your blog readers.


Patricia Stoltey said...

I love this there enough space for a rocking chair? That would be heavenly.

Kaye Barley said...

Thanks, Bobbie & Pat!!

I think we're going to love it.

and yep - there is, indeed, a rocking chair in there and it is perfect. It's an old one Donald's parents gave us many years ago. Smooth and well-worn, as well as being well-loved. You can sorta see it in the corner - there's a small signature quilt tossed across the back of it, and a too-large-for-the-chair(but, oh so soft) pillow on it.