Thursday, February 9, 2012

Harley says, "Time for a break, Mom!"

and I say, "I Agree!!"

Time for a progress report while I kick back and have a nice fresh hot cup of coffee and a little visit with Harley.  He's feeling a bit neglected.

Here's what the little library room is looking like right now.

Still a mess!!!

But - all the bookcases have been filled.

I haven't put any "pretties" around yet, just the books.  I have started bringing in a few pieces of pottery that might decide to live in here, but we'll just have to see as things progress.

We got almost through the G's, but had to pick back up with them again in the little sitting room around the corner.

The two top shelves are biographies, then the rest of the G's, and some H's.

And that's when Harley insisted it was time for him to take a little walk, and for me to take a break.

After these shelves are filled, I'll move over to here -

The books you see in the back of that cabinet are old sports books that were my Dad's.  And some art books - and a few books still be sorted. 

I'm going to put novels in front of these - maybe two rows deep.

Then up the stairs we go into the sunroom. 

It was a mess the last time we were there.

And guess what!

It still is!

Lordy, Lordy. My Mother would die if she knew I had invited people in with the house this big a mess. Don't tell, O.K.?!

But, for now - - -

oh well.

Time for a break.

I was in bad need of coffee and Harley was in bad need of skritches on his belly.

And maybe we're both due a little walk while there's still a little snow on the ground. It's a gorgeous day in these mountains!


Phyllis said...

Books are such a joy; books shelved where one can find them, even more so! I am impressed with your energy and organization and your sense of welcoming interior design. I love your quilts. I am especially pleased to see the wedding ring one. I have one as well that my ex's aunt pieced for us as a wedding present eons ago. I look forward to seeing your spaces fully realized just as you have designed them in your mind's eye.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Finally I discover someone who has more piles of books than I do. :)

Bobbie said...

Your books are so pretty, on the shelves, and even the stacked ones-books are beauty. And the quilts--ahhh. My grandma was a quilter, the very old fashioned way. She did a wedding ring for my marriage--when I was a little girl--and gave it to me as my wedding gift-memories. I have her quilts hanging around my house as wall art, and a couple on a quilt stand, and I sleep under them often and always. Her memory wraps her arms around me in those quilts--so of course, I think you already have MANY pretties! smile

Thanks for sharing your ongoing progress, Kaye! And yes, our dogs do need their skritches and we need a moment or two to ponder and have good coffee too. And walk in the beauty of nature-the most rewarding exercise, both mind and body. Enjoy!