Saturday, January 21, 2012

A little home project . . . .

You know how home projects always start out sounding fairly simple?

Well, okay - right off the bat - we do know that they're not going to be simple.

But, I think human nature allows us to simplify the project somewhat in our brains.  Otherwise none of us would even consider taking on another home project ever.

Donald and I are just getting into doing something I've wanted my entire life.

A library.

My very own little personal library.

And because Donald is one of the good guys - maybe King of The Good Guys, he's agreed that this is something we should do.  (We won't even talk about how many years its taken me to convince him).

To say I'm over the moon is about right.

And it all sounded so . . .      simple.

Take down the bed and move it to the storage building out back.  Paint the walls.  Move in some bookcases.  VoilĂ !  Library!



Then would come the hard part - unshelving all the books that are haphazardly arranged on bookcases and hanging shelves in every room in the house, putting them in alphabetical order by author's name and reshelving them (AFTER giving them a really really good dusting).


The bed's been taken down and the first hitch in the plan comes when faced with all this "stuff" stored under the bed.  A bed which Donald put up on risers to make it high enough to use for really good storage.


A lot of shoes on a wonderful little thing he designed and built.  Clear shoe boxes fit on a shelf that I can roll out from under the bed.  Perfect!  But now - where will the shoes go?  hmmmmm . . . .

Christmas wrappings.

Other various and sundry things that don't bear talking about.

Do they go out to the storage building?  Well - not my shoes.  I mean, I may be retired and not wear nice shoes every day, but still . . . .

Temporary measures needed.  Shoes thrown into bags and carried upstairs and dumped in the floor in the sunroom.  Other "stuff" - same thing.  More other "stuff" - to the storage building.  All things to be reconsidered once the bookcases are all in place.  Perhaps one bookcase will be replaced by a storage cabinet . . . .

So now I need to go scrub down the walls. Then Donald is going to patch the holes left from things that were hanging on the walls.

Next step - I get to paint the room.  It's a small room . . . . .  no problem!  Right?!  Right!!

In the meantime, I'm going to be repeating my new mantra to myself every morning for awhile - - -

And, of course, keeping my eye on the prize at the end of all this.

The library I've wanted my entire life.

Y'all - life is good.

And worth a little hard work to finally get one of your dreams.


Evelyn David said...

Good luck with your library! Sounds like you might need to starting working on Donald about building an addition to your home. Some place for your shoes.

Judy Bobalik said...

Have fun and definitely keep your eye on the prize.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Keep us posted, you'll be so proud when it's done.


billie said...

Enjoy this transformation and don't hesitate to let some of those shoes and stuff go - it's hard to do in the moment but you will feel weightless later. :)

Diana Turner said...

I would love to see before and after photos . . . what a fun thing to do! Know you will be so happy with it.

Earl Staggs said...

As Diana said, Kaye, you MUST have before and after pix. I should send my wife there to help. Our house is small but we have enough "stuff" to fill a mansion. Somehow Carol makes it fit.

Good luck and have fun!