Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Books I'm Looking Forward To

I am such a greedy wench.

As soon as I finish reading a book by one of my favorite authors, I'm tap tap tapping my toe waiting fo the next one!

Here's a list of some of the books I'm excited about reading this year:

Deborah Crombie's NO MARK UPON HER


Hank Phillippi Ryan's THE OTHER WOMAN


Margaret Maron's THE BUZZARD TABLE (Another Deborah meets Sigrid novel - Yay!!!!  This time in Colleton County).

I know there are others I'll be ecstatic about, but these were the ones that popped immediately to mind.

How 'bout you guys?  Are you impatiently awaiting a novel from a favorite author??


le0pard13 said...

I'm sure there will be no surprise in saying that I'm awaiting Robert Crais' TAKEN anxiously for this month. Along with T Jefferson Parker's continuation of the Charlie Hood series in 'The Jaguar'. So, too, with RAYLAN, for our Elmore Leonard and JUSTIFIED friends out there. Lastly, and I'm sure I'm missing stuff here, but Don Winslow's prequel to SAVAGES novel be coming late in summer. Thanks, Kaye.

Unknown said...

Frankly I'm further behind in my reading than I'd ever have thought possible, so I daren't mention anyone I'm impatient about reading, except you. Well, really, I'm also looking forward to Margaret Maron's new book.

danielle-momo said...

I'm definitely waiting for Louise Penny's The Beautiful Mystery.
Never read Margaret Maron and Hank Phillipy Ryan but wish to do so this year.

Margaret said...

Maron and Penny, absolutely! Spenser-Fleming'slatest,which I haven't found, yet. Judy hogan's first in her series, though now I can't recall the publication date.
At the moment, I'm very joyfully re-reading all of Louise Penny--a Fatal Grace gave me such a sense of being deep in winter just as ours began here in TN--, also the Benne Harper series by Californian-ex-southerner Earlene Fowler. I like the combination of ranch-small town CA, and Benne's family reminds me a bit of Deborah Knott's -- much smaller, but wonderfully outspoken and regional.
But mostly I'm reading War and Peace!!
And amazing but bleak Ethan Frome with my homeschooler highs hooper. Talk about bleak winter....
Margaret at wheresupposedtobe.blogspot.com

Margaret said...

Whoops. Keyboard hijacking! Home schooled highSCHOOLER!! Sorry.

Margaret said...
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barbara said...

If you haven't read any of Christopher Fowler's Bryant and May series try them, they are a treat. The new one for 2012 is Memory of Blood.

Colin Cotterill's newest Dr. Suri "Slash and Burn", Deborah Crombie's "No Mark Upon Her" and Charles Todd's Confession" - all of these heavy on British authors OR content!

Carl Hiaasen's "Chomp", Barbara Hambly's "Ran Away", Carol O'Conner's "Chalk Girl" are among the U.S. authors I'm looking forward to.

Hmmm, no Canadian Content! Louise Penny's new one of course and as a Canadian I need to look into having more Canadian authors to look forward to...there, I have a New Year's Resolution!

All of the above are on hold at the library as well as a gazillion other books, so hoping they space themselves out among others that I'm not quite as excited about!