Saturday, December 10, 2011

Remember the good things about yourself - - -

I have dropped all the names into the pink Willie Nelson baseball cap and pulled out the winning entry.

And - - -

The winner of an ARC of Lauren Groff's ARCADIA 



Congratulations, Phyllis!

Send me an email with your mailing address, please - and I'll get your book off to you next week.

Thanks everyone!

I'm going to try to do one more give-away this year.  My way of thanking you all for your support.

Remember the good things about yourself - - -
and celebrate them!


Leave a comment about how you celebrate yourself and I'll drop your name into the famous pink Willie Nelson baseball cap for a chance to win an ARC of Lauren Groff's ARCADIA

Drawing will happen on Saturday, Dec. 10. I'll post the name right here, so be sure you remember to check back!


Jody said...

One of the nicest things I do for myself have a manicure every 2 weeks. I recognize that I am worthy of being pampered.
I am loyal, compassionate, and don't lie.

traveler said...

I enjoyed your posts especially about your family and the encounter with the neighbors which sounded heartwarming and beautiful. yesteryear.
I give my time, energy and lvoe to my family whenever it is needed.

petite said...

Whenever I feel I need a pick me up I read a wonderful book and sip a hot cup of tea and then I feel upifted and my mood improves.

Jill said...

I celebrate myself by taking a quiet walk with my buddy Zippy.

Anonymous said...

I love spending time reading with my husband & our cat, Wilde Oscar.


Patty said...

When I need to relax I read, and if I'm joined by a dog (or six), all the better!

bo parker said...

KAYE, When I wake up in the morning and ache all over, I rejoice in the fact that I did and that I do.

Phyllis said...


I celebrate myself by being especially grateful for my friends, real and virtual, and my family. I also indulge myself with flowers, chocolate, and pinot noir! Oh, and books, lots of books!

Carol M said...

I enjoy doing things for my family! I also indulge myself with a good book and a cup of tea while my kitties sit on my lap and beside me.

Bobbi Mumm said...

Kaye, I have a glass of wine or beer and sneak off to the sanctuary of my bedroom, way up in the top of our three story house. It's quiet there and I read.

Bobbie said...

Beautiful illustration in this day's blog post, Kaye. I celebrate myself every morning early, put on walking clothes and shoes, harness Buddy our dear dog, and go walk on the gravel road that runs by our house. I look at the early sky as the sun rises, the trees in all their seasons, the fields both sides with crops just planted or growing or having been harvested harvested, hear the birds, and enjoy the quiet beauty of nature. And I think "you have it all, be thankful"--and I smile and walk on home. I love every moment I have with my dear husband and our dear dog, they are my celebration constantly. I also celebrate with good coffee, feet up, reading a good book...ahh...heaven.