Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baking for Our Neighborhood Christmas Party

If you know us, or if you've been reading my blog for even a short little while, you know how very much we love our little neighborhood.

Tonight was our annual Christmas Party.

And, as usual, it was a delight.  We have the best neighborhood parties in the history of neighborhood parties, I do believe.

Everyone cooks and/or bakes, and we end up with a lot of wonderful food, served up with a more than generous helping of good old-fashioned neighborly love.  We've become a bit of a family, I think.  And it's a very special place.

For tonight's "do," I made the Country Pâté I wrote about a few days ago.  (recipe here:, and I baked a Mocha Pound Cake.  The cake tasted great!  But.  It didn't come out of the pan nicely, which made me sad.  So I smooshed white powdered sugar all over it in an attempt to hide the flaws.  I told Janet Rudolph I'd take a picture, so I did, but because it wasn't a pretty cake I decided to fudge on the picture a little bit.   I figured that in a photo this busy, you just don't notice the fact that the cake didn't turn out just right.  Right?!

And do you see Donald Scott Barley Honey playing peek-a-boo through the window?  He is a silly boy.  Silly is good.

We took tons of pictures at the party, but seeing as how it's now waaaay past my normal bedtime, I'm gonna wait and post those tomorrow.  See you then!

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