Saturday, October 22, 2011

Speak the truth . . . .

I just love Facebook.

If you hang out there a lot (like me), catching up with what's going on with friends, family, old classmates, fellow bloggers and favorite writers, during the course of connecting and sharing you see a lot of photos.  

We share photos of practically everything - our own friends, family and pets.  Some very cool, very old, photos of ourselves and our families that bring back memories.  

Photos of the new babies in our families. 

Birthday and anniversary celebrations.  

Photos of our homes and yards.  

Our vacations.  

We even share pictures of what we're cooking and what we're eating.  Shoes we love, and our new dress.

A lot of these make us go "awwww."

Some make us cry a little.

And - we post pictures of signs.

Signs which loudly and proudly declare our beliefs and philosophies. 

And some signs that don't do a thing but make us laugh out loud.

And then, every once in awhile, we'll spot one solitary post that, in its pure simplicity, will touch us. 

Like this -



Unknown said...

I like this sign. Isn't that what we do when we get up in front of a poetry group? So scary...not just the voice shakes, the paper in my hand shakes, but I'm not the only one. Facebook is kind of a truth teller isn't it?

jenny milchman said...

Love that! What great words--they should enrobe a house!

Patty said...

Love the post, love the sign. Only thing you forgot was to mention all the new friends we meet while on FB.

Vicki Lane said...

Great post, great sign.

I find that the older I get, the easier it is to speak the truth without fear.