Monday, October 31, 2011


We find messages in many places
We find them in words, of course.
And in images.
We all "know" words  -  lots and lots of words  -  but only a handful know how to use words so beautifully that the message reaches out to us with a lightness of spirit that conveys feeling, and image, along with the message.
Too many think the more words they toss at us, the clearer the message.

I was touring through some of my favorite blogs the other day and read a message at Murderati from JT Ellison.  JT is going to take a little hiatus from Murderati.   Hopefully she'll be back next April.  In the meantime, I wish her well in all she does.  And I'm willing to bet we'll be seeing her accomplish some pretty incredible things.  I should say - "more" incredible things.   JT Ellison is a doll.  She's generous, smart, funny,  and one hell of a writer.  I love her to bits.  And I felt like she was talking directly to me with this piece she left us with.

I'd like to share it with you as I look out my window over these gorgeous mountains that I share my life with, and that bring me incredible peace.

Advice From a Mountain

Dear friend,
Reach new heights
Savor life's peak experiences
There is beauty as far as the eye can see
Stand in the strength of Your True Nature
Be uplifting
Follow the trails of the Wise Ones
Protect and preserve timeless beauty,
silence, solitude, serenity,
flowing rivers,
ancient trees
Rise above it all
Make solid decisions
Climb beyond your limitations
Leave no stone unturned
Never take life for granite

Get to the point
Patience, patience, patience
Life has its ups and downs
Let your troubles vanish into thin air
To summit all up
It's the journey step by step

Rock on!

~Ilan Shamir

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LJ Roberts said...

This is wonderful, Kaye. It is getting printed out and put up on my wall as a good thing to remember.