Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ahhhhh - Waking Up and Smelling the Coffee

I told you already how much I love mornings.

But only if they start with a cup of coffee.

I dearly hate that one day a year before my annual doctor's visit when I have to have blood work done.  Ugh.  One of these days we're going to be allowed to have coffee that day.  Surely, someone is going to figure out how to ignore the coffee/caffeine/whatever in our blood when they run those tests.   Suffice to say I'm just not at my best those mornings.

Well, hopefully, I'm not as bad as that . . . . 

It's doubtful either Donald OR Harley would have stuck around this long if I were.

Anyhooooo -

Did you know there was a National Coffee Day?

I didn't know this until this past week, and I learned from Facebook (I love Facebook) that Thursday, September 29 was National Coffee Day.  Worthy of mention, I thought (I think "everything" is worthy of mention at Facebook).  So I posted a picture I liked in honor of the mighty occasion.

Many of us surely do love our coffee.

And we want it the way we want it, right?

Don't be messing with how we want our coffee.

I have to be honest here - I am scared to death to order a cup of coffee in a coffee shop.

When I hear someone giving their coffee order these days it truly does intimidate me.  I want to do it, but I just can't.  So I go into the coffee shop,  pick up the size cup I want that morning, pay for my coffee and walk over to the daily variety caraffe and fix my own.  And I always enjoy it.  But I'm still wishing I had the nerve (and knowledge) to order something else.  (Something other than the Large Vanilla Frappe with Whipped Cream, please  -  I'm way too familiar with that particular order).

One of these days, since I've gotten to know the folks pretty well in my favorite coffee shop here in Boone - Higher Grounds Coffee Shop, I'm going to ask for help. 

But in the meantime, we're not really overly picky about the coffee we drink here at home.  But we're not gonna drink drek either.

However, on mornings, or evenings, when we're enjoying totally relaxing around the house, a perfect cup of coffee is lovely.

First I want Organic Beans from Costa Rica.  And we get those at our favorite coffee shop here in Boone.

And I want it prepared in our French Press.

Served with cream and a little sugar.

and maybe a piece of chocolate cake - it is too good for breakfast!

Or a truffle or two.


National Coffee Day.  Not such a silly holiday in my book after all. 


dleisert said...

Coffee... The last thing that my doc wants me to give up that I will. My husband gets up before me, makes a pot of French roast to fill the thermos because he swears that I am dangerous before my first pot.... (Moi? Sweet innocent moi?)

Love our coffee!


Phyllis said...

Essential coffee--another thing that you and I agree on! I simply can't function before my first morning cup. My favorite is Costa Rican peaberry, medium roast, whole beans, which I grind fresh each morning. I must have half and half and want no flavoring or sugar anywhere near my coffee. I do also enjoy my wet cappucinos or lattes at any number of local coffee shops--Caribou, Espresso Royale, and Latte Da!(at the library, no less.) I have coffee club punch cards at all three. Coffee shops helped save my sanity and kept me on task when I was teaching. I would grade papers there, while sipping my latte. I truly dreaded the endless paper grading. If I stayed at home, I would clean the refrigerator, closets, bathrooms, anything to postpone grading. By the way, I have never enjoyed any of these household tasks either! Now that I am retired, I still visit coffee shops, but with a book in hand, usually a mystery.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Debra - you made me laugh out loud. People just looking at us would have a hard time, I think, believing our husbands might think of us as "dangerous" at any time. But, looks can be deceiving, huh?!

Phyllis - yet another thing! Imagine that! LOL!!!! okay - here's my question for you - what the heck is a "wet" cappucino?? See - nothing. I know nothing about this coffee ordering terminology stuff.

Phyllis said...

As you figured out, I love, love, love coffee. And I do like cappuccinos, but I don't want so much foam. A wet cap is sort of a latte with foam.

Coffee shops have told me I can't order a latte with foam, because they don't make foam when they heat the milk for a latte. So they told me to order a "wet" cap.

And I don't do complicated coffee drinks because I don't want sugar or any flavorings in my coffee. I do love anything dark chocolate to eat with my coffee, however, including chocolate chip scones! That's why I need to get connected to a gym or tai chi class. :)