Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meanderings and Muses 2012 Guests

I posted an earlier version of next year's guest list back in September, but we've had a few additions that I wanted to share with you.

This past May my friends Lesa Holstine, Jen Forbus  and I had a blog conversation we called "Three Bookish Women," and it was a bunch of fun.  It was also well received.  And because it was both those things, I thought it would be fun to have more of the same here.  

And from this, the idea of "Women Chat About . . . ." conversations popped into mind.  I asked a few people if they would be interested and am tickled pink that so many agreed.  As usual, there's no set guidelines as to what the guests can talk about - nor is there a limit on their word count.  Sticking with what we've been doing - and know works, along with the addition of "conversations," this should be another terrific year at Meanderings and Muses.  I am ecstatic, as always, with the guest list, which includes many of our past guests, along with some new ones.

We're not having as many guests next year.  As I've mentioned a few times recently - as much as I love Meanderings and Muses - including every guest we've ever had, there are some additional things I want to do with my time in 2012.  I've allowed some of the things on my "want to do/want to learn" list to lie idle and I'd like to get them, and me, shaking and moving.  I've learned I'm just not able to do all the things I want and continue devoting as much time to Meanderings and Muses.  So, we're cutting back - but only a wee bit.  And only in numbers; not quality. 

One of the things I'm planning on doing is writing a little.  Not just the usual creative non-fiction that I enjoy so much, and will always do.  I'm trying my hand at fiction.  I have a couple of dear friends who also happen to be excellent writers giving me a lot of much needed advice, guidance and motivation.  If what I'm working on never sees the light of day it's certainly not because they didn't give it, and me, their best efforts, and more of their time than I deserve.  So, just cross your fingers and we'll see how it goes.

Anyhoo - back to the business at hand -

The Meanderings and Muses Guest Line-Up for 2012

January 8 - Reed Farrel Coleman
January 15 - Pat Browning
January 18 - "Two Women Chat About . . ." Carolyn Rose and Nancy Farina

January 22 - Jen Forbus
January 29 - Judy Hogan

Feb. 5 - Deborah Crombie
Feb. 12 - Julie Dolcemaschio
Feb. 19 - Sarah Byrne
Feb. 26 - Michael Wiley 

Mar. 4 - Andi Shechter 
Mar. 7 - "Two Women Chat About . . . " Cara Black and Denise Hamilton
Mar. 11 - Mike Orenduff
Mar. 18 - Katy Munger
Mar. 25 - Lesa Holstine

Aprl 1 - Margaret Maron
April 4 - "Two Women Chat About . . ." Julie Dolcemaschio and Shelly Fredman

April 8 - Linda Fairstein
April 15 - Earl Staggs
April 22 - JT Ellison

May 6 - Mary Jane Maffini
May 13 - Diane Chamberlain
May 16 - "Three Women Chat About . . . " Liz Zelvin, Avery Aames, and Krista Davis

May 20 - Evelyn David
May 27 - Patty Andersen

June 3 - Susan Anderson
June 10 - Julie Hyzy
June 17 - Beth Anderson
June 20 -
"Two Women Chat About . . . . " - Suzanne Adair and Ann Parker
June 24 - Shirley Wetzel

July 1 - Larry Karp
July 8 - Elizabeth Spann Craig
July 15 - Kari Wainwright
July 18 -
"Two Women Chat About . . . . " - Judy Hogan and Sasscer Hill
July 22 - Bo Parker
July 29 - Nancy Pickard

August 5 - Nancy Martin
August 12 - Bill Crider
August 19 - Tim Myers
August 26 - Meredith Cole

Sept. 2 - Cathy Lee Carper
Sept. 9 - Hank Phillippi Ryan
Sept. 16 - Jonathan Quist
Sept. 19 - "Two Women Chat About . . . . " - Hilary Davidson and Robin Spano

Sept. 23 - Bobbi Mumm
Sept. 30 - Kenneth R. Lewis

Oct. 7 - Vicki Lane
Oct. 14 - Wendy Bartlett
Oct. 21 - Sarah Shaber
Oct. 28 - Neil Plakcy

Nov. 4 - Gillian Roberts
Nov. 11 - Sharon Wildwind
Nov. 18 - Molly Weston

Dec. 2 - Toni McGee Causey
Dec. 9 - Jenny Milchman
Dec. 16 - Shane Gericke
Dec. 30 - Julia Buckley

It's gonna be a great year!  And once again - thanks to everyone; all the guests and all of you who continue to drop by.  It means a lot.



LJ Roberts said...

What a wonderful group! It will be fun to read.

Bobbi Mumm said...

I'm thrilled to be doing a guest post again this year, Kaye! Thinking about a topic already...

Bobbie said...

What a great lineup, Kaye! You're starting the year with one of my all time favorite authors, Reed Farrel Coleman, so of course the year will go very well, smile. It will be another grand year for me, reading your (and their) Meanderings and Muses, I'm already looking forward to the guest posts, and yours also! Thank you so much.

Janet Rudolph said...

Fabulous group of people! Can't wait to read their posts

Patricia Stoltey said...

That's an awesome schedule, Kaye. I'm just beginning to look for my first quarter guests, and you already have your whole year lined up. I think that makes you an overachiever...or me a major procrastinator. :)

Phyllis said...

Looking forward to meandering with you and your outstanding guests in 2012! I do hope you take this opportunity to chime in more frequently with whatever is on that quirky mind of yours. (I only mean "quirky" in the best way, of course.)

Cleo Coyle said...

Excellent list, Kaye. Wishing you the very best always with Meanderings and Muses--and your new projects, as well. :) Cheers to a gracious lady ~ Cleo

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks! -- BrendaW.

Vickie said...

A great year indeed!!

Jenny Milchman said...

I am thrilled at the very idea of reading these posts--you have some of my very, very favorites up here, some I've been wanting to learn more about, and some who will be brand new discoveries--and honored to be contributing something myself. A stellar list to try and rise to.

Anonymous said...

A great list, Kaye, and such an honor to be on it. Good luck! And thanks!
Pat Browning

Mason Canyon said...

A great lineup. Looks like it's going to be a fun year. Looking forward to it.

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Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Hi, Guys!!

thanks for all the kind words, about what was a very tough choice to make. I appreciate the support.

Especially from those of you who have been with me in the past as guests, but will not be with me next year (but "maybe" the next one??! Cleo??).

I am working on one more little surprise. IF everything falls together the way I'm hoping, I'll let you know.

Bobbie - I was over the moon about Reed being the "kick-off guy!" He writes some great stuff, huh?!

Patricia - you can call me anal, everyone who knows me well assures me that's me to a "T." big sigh. I blame it on being a secretary my entire life.

Phyllis - LOL! Quirky is good! I'll try to live up to it 'cause it is kinda fun to be a little off-center, I have to admit.

dleisert said...

Again I can say "What a lineup!"


Jill said...

Looks like a great lineup Kaye! Looking forward to the chat sessions too. Smudge is always available to do a guest post. Ha ha ha..Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Kaye, what wonderful news about your fiction writing. You go, girl!
Your fans are waiting ---
Pat Browning

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Jill - maybe we could do a "Four doggies chat . . . " conversation?! Smudge, Zippy, Gus & Harley might have lots to say!!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Hi, Pat! Thank you!!!!!!! I'm pretty excited about it; we shall see how it goes. (send some good positive thoughts my way).

Lesa said...

I can't wait to read those Two/Three Women Chat conversations. Ours was fun. Looking forward to your entire year, including whatever surprises you have in store, kaye!