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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's meander down the drive . . .

 The daylilies that line one side of our driveway are part of a peace I enjoy as I head out for my walk.

When I was growing up I remember daylilies being referred to as ditch flowers, and I don't remember paying too much attention to them.

Things change.

Let's take a short little stroll and I hope you enjoy these amazing little beauties as much as I do.

One day when I was young, and walking with a friend, a field dry
as straw bloomed with flowers. "Oh, glory!" we breathed, my good
friend and I, for the flowers blazed like suns and fire and rainbows.
They sprang from folds between hillsides, peeked from pockets of
shade. Spiraling - dancing - they followed us home...
- Maggie Streincrohn Davis, Glory! To the Flowers

note:  some of these daylilies came from Weston Farms - if you can't get to Garner, NC, they do a terrific mail order business


Msmstry said...

Gorgeous, Kaye! I think I can actually identify some of the cultivars (that's been a long time coming). And thanks for the plug. One correction though—the farm is in Garner; we live in Apex.

Kaye Barley said...

OOOPS! Fixed it, Molly - thanks!

Sandra Parshall said...

I love daylilies and have a garden full of them -- at least a hundred different varieties, with multiple plants of each. Unfortunately, the deer love daylilies too, which means a lot of spraying with repellents if I want any flowers. I see some of my favorites in your photos. I tend to lose interest in the garden when the high daylily season passes, although I still have coneflowers, balloon flowers, phlox, belamcanda, black-eyed susans, and lots more.

Vicki Lane said...

Oh lovely! Some of these same beauties are blooming in my yard.

Ditch flowers? No way! Lilies of the field is more like it!

Jody said...


Kaye Barley said...

Sandie - its the oddest thing. We have a lot of deer in our neighborhood including 5 or 6 who like to sleep in our yard. They never eat our hostas, or our daylilies or our rhododendron, or anything. Our neighbors have fits about them eating all those things in their yards, so I'm not sure why we seem to be exempt. We never spray them with anything.

The bunnies used to love to nibble on pots of geraniums I would sit about - right down to the dirt, so I've stopped putting those out.

Vicki - Lilies of the Field! Perfect!! I'm planning on expanding our collection next year with some more things from Molly's place.

Jill said...

Hey! I will send the deer right over! Your lilies are gorgeous! Love the yellow and purple one!

Kaye Barley said...

Jill - I've decided the very best way for us to take very good care of all the plants on our road that the deer are eating is for you all to move and transplant them at our house. Sound like a plan?? LOL!!!