Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Book Club Memberships

Y'all know I spend a lot of money on books.

a LOT of money. This can be a problem since I don't have a lot of money.

One of the ways, in the past, I've helped defray some of the cost of my addiction is through Book Club Memberships.

Do any of you belong to any of these??

We know the quality of the books isn't great 'cause many used book stores won't accept book club editions, so I try not to buy books by my favorite authors at one of these clubs. Lord knows, I am not going to ask Lee Child, Ken Bruen, Louise Penny, Margaret Maron or anyone else I know to sign a book club edition when I see them at Bouchercon in Indianapolis in October.

It's a moot point anyway. Seems my days of book club memberships are behind me. I'm pretty sure I've been asked to leave.

I've been trying for almost two months to re-join a club after I canceled my membership after fulfilling my obligation. Two months. I'm finally guessing (just guessing!) that they're weary of me joining, fulfilling my membership, canceling and then joining again. But. No one will tell me that. After several weeks and emails, and notes to and from Customer Service and finally finding a supervisor who I thought would help me, here's the end of the saga.

I received this note in my mailbox today -

Dear Ms Barley,

Thank you for your interest in (insert name of book club).

The information obtained from our Technical Support Group today indicates that the zip code issue has not been resolved. Unfortunately, we are unable process your enrollment order at this time.

Per your request all information originally provided to our Technical Support Group has been destroyed.

We appreciate your patience and are sorry to disappoint you and lose a membership opportunity that would have been mutually beneficial.

Please feel free to contact us again, if you have any additional questions or concerns.


See. Here's the thing. They're telling me that there are "issues" with the Boone, NC zip code that they've been trying to resolve for weeks and weeks. So. I "guess" if you live in Boone, NC you can't belong to this book club. Mercy. Boone is a small town, but honey - there are enough people here who read that I'm thinking I'd kinda like to hold on to the business. We do, after all, even have a college here! But. Zip code issues are apparently too tough for the IT people at book clubs to handle, hence - lose a whole zip code worth of business. oh well.

So. That's the end of my relationship with book clubs.

Am I the only person on God's green earth who has been kicked out of a book club membership??! If not, please come tell me about it so I won't feel like such an outcast!!!

And this is the perfect time for me to start doing more shopping with the Indies anyway, right?! Right!


Carol Murdock said...

Kaye, I've never joined a book club but am shocked that you could be kicked out or kept from enrolling in one! I never cease to be amazed by this world.I'm with you on the high cost of being a book-a-holic reader but since it's my only vice, I don't worry about how much I spend.

Anonymous said...

Wowzer! I've joined and dropped and rejoined several book clubs several times (couldn't tell you how many times on QPB, for example), and at least so far have not been refused. I certainly keep getting flyers in the mail from them. They *surely* must know that people do this.

Cathy J.

Unknown said...

I just browsed through your blog...I love books, corgies, thanks to Tasha Tudor, and pound cake. So, I think I am very glad to meet you.

I joined book clubs years ago, but I so enjoy visiting the book store instead. My book shelves are exploding with books, and I can't part with a one.

So, nice to meet you.


Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...
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Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Hi Hi!
Unfortunately, I do have to worry about what I spend, so I'll miss being able to buy 6 or 7 books for approximately $5.00 (including shipping!). But - no sense fretting about things I can't change . . .

You're right Cathy, I know I'm not the only person using these book clubs this way. Maybe I'll try again to join. One of these days! No time soon, though! In the meantime, I bit the bullet and have just ordered 6 books that I really want - and paying a whole bunch more than $5.00, I'm afraid. big sigh.

Karen, hi! I am so glad you found us and that you enjoyed your visit. Please do stop back often! I enjoyed meeting you too. Do you have a corgi??

Gail H. said...

Well, it seems to me that it's easier to join or rejoin a book club that get out of one. Certainly QPB has been sending me lots of e-mails asking me to rejoin. Occasionally I run afoul of Mystery Guild's automatic shipments. Has anyone been successful at setting a book club to positive option only? I never like all the featured selections.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Gail - Thank you for reminding me about how easy it is to run afoul of those automated selections!!!! I knew there had to be at least ONE reason for me to not be too upset over this whole thing. LOL!